You Should Check In With Yourself Twice A Day

How we begin and how we end our day makes a difference.

James E. McGinley, PhD
3 min readJul 27, 2022
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Our days have a habit of blending together. Before we know it, we have more of our life behind us than ahead of us. We wonder what happened and how we could have let it slip by so carelessly.

One way to help stop your life from slipping by is to take a look at yourself each day.

We do sometimes sit and reflect on what is happening. But we do not always make it a habit and we do not always do it deeply and purposefully. If we can bring self-examination into our daily life we can live with more awareness, more mindfully, and we can build a bridge between today and tomorrow that leads us to a better future. It will also lead us to a better us.

We can look at ourselves twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

At the beginning of the day.

We all know that how we start our day is important. The morning is a moment of creation. As the new day dawns, we too are at a fresh beginning. Yesterday has passed, tomorrow is in the future. We have today only. What will we do with it?

It is common for people to be taught to create a to-do list each day.



James E. McGinley, PhD

James McGinley, PhD is a professor, author, certified life coach, and licensed counselor.